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Metro C general contractor

Infrastructure Players Involved in the Project

Metro C S.C.p.A. is the General Contractor entrusted with the contract for the construction of Line C of the Rome metro, a project funded by the Ministry of Infrastructure (70%), Rome Capital (18%), and the Lazio Region (12%). In this capacity, Metro C S.C.p.A. is responsible for the design, works supervision, construction of the project, and the supply of everything necessary for the commissioning of Line C. It manages the technical, economic, and organizational coordination of the contracted activities and proceeds, under its exclusive responsibility, with the execution of works and services through private contracts with third parties. These third parties, in turn, have the authority to operate through sub-contracts within the limits established by the law.

Metro C S.C.p.A., in accordance with the published tender, as a General Contractor, is a legal entity with adequate organizational, technical, and financial capacity to carry out a project by any means. Therefore, it is not just a contractor but an entity capable of assuming a role in coordinating the execution of the project, including the ability to subcontract the entirety of the work to third parties who can, in turn, subcontract within certain limits established by the law.

Financial Entities
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To build an innovative, sustainable, inclusive, and respectful metro line that interacts harmoniously with its historic and monumental surroundings.


To provide Rome and its residents with a new mass transportation infrastructure that meets the highest standards of safety and quality, utilizing the most advanced construction technologies available. The project for the metro line, traversing an urban fabric of undeniable uniqueness in terms of archaeology and monuments, has been developed with the aim of enhancing the invaluable heritage that makes Rome one of the most visited cities in the world.

Metro C general contractor

The major players in the future infrastructure of the capital

Metro C S.C.p.A. is a project company formed by 5 shareholders: Partecipazioni Italia S.p.A. (a company of the WeBuild group), Vianini Lavori S.p.A., Hitachi Rail STS S.p.A., Cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi, Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni for the construction of Line C of the Rome Metro.
It took over from the Temporary Business Association with Mandataria Astaldi that won the tender issued by Roma Metropolitane on behalf of the Municipality of Rome for the construction of the third metro line in the Capital.
On August 1, 2021, Astaldi was fully merged into the newly established company called Partecipazioni Italia S.p.A. (which is wholly owned by the WeBuild Group).

Metro C S.C.p.A.

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34,5% | Corporate share

Partecipazioni Italia is a company wholly owned by the Webuild Group, specializing in the construction of large and complex infrastructure for sustainable mobility, clean hydropower, clean water, and green building sectors. The Group is a leader in the Italian construction market and ranks among the top international players. It represents 114 years of engineering experience applied in over 50 countries across five continents, with 70,000 direct and indirect employees of over 100 nationalities.

Logo Vianini Lavori

34,5% | Corporate share

Vianini Lavori is one of the leading players in the construction industry in Italy, with a presence of over a century in the most advanced sectors of civil engineering and construction in Italy and abroad. Over the past 20 years, Vianini Lavori S.p.A. has completed various infrastructure projects, including two sections of the high-speed railway line Rome-Naples, and sections 6 and 7 of the Apennine motorway stretch from Sasso Marconi to Barberino del Mugello.

Logo Hitachi

14% | Corporate share

Hitachi Rail STS is a global provider of railway solutions for rolling stock, signaling, service and maintenance activities, digital technology, and turnkey projects. The Group's mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of society through advanced railway transport solutions. Hitachi Rail operates in 38 countries on three continents and has over 12,000 employees.

Logo Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni

7% | Corporate share

The Cooperative Construction Consortium (CCC) is among the leading construction groups at the national level. In its nearly one hundred years of activity, CCC has successfully pursued the mission entrusted to it by its members. The Cooperative Construction Consortium consists of over 230 members who operate in the construction, transportation, tertiary, industrial, and construction materials sectors. It includes both large national cooperatives and small and medium-sized cooperatives, collectively providing over 20,000 jobs.

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10% | Corporate share

CMB, among the main general construction companies in Italy, is a leading company in the construction of complex buildings, state-of-the-art hospitals, and infrastructure. Today, it ranks among the top international players in projects managed through BIM technology, and since 2019, CMB has been the first Italian construction company certified in BIM.

The Object of the Assignment

The international tender for the award of the activities for the construction of Line C of the Rome Metro was published on February 15, 2005. The object of the assignment was divided into two parts.

The first part concerns four points: the detailed design, construction, and supervision of works for sections T4 and T5, as well as the supply of rolling stock necessary for their operation. The detailed and executive design, execution, and supervision of archaeological investigations and excavations necessary for the preparation of the final project for sections T2, T3, T6a, and T7, as well as the Graniti depot, and the detailed design of the automation system for the entire line. The detailed design of the compensatory and integrative works for sections T2, T3, T5, and T7, as well as the detailed design, construction, and supervision of the compensatory works for sections T3 and T5. The detailed design, construction, and supervision of section T3, as well as the supply of rolling stock necessary for the operation of the same section.

The second part, on the other hand, includes: the detailed design, construction, and supervision of section T2 and the integrative and compensatory works related to the section, as well as the supply of rolling stock necessary for the operation of the same section; the detailed design, construction, and supervision of section T6a and the supply of rolling stock necessary for the operation of the same section; the detailed design, construction, and supervision of section T7 and the Graniti depot, integrative and compensatory works of the section, as well as the supply of rolling stock necessary for the operation of the same section.

The costs

“The updated General Economic Framework (following CIPE Resolution No. 76/2019 and the necessary adjustments for the economic coverage of some variations adopted for Section T3 – excluding San Giovanni – Colosseo – Fori Imperiali) is the one approved by the Extraordinary Commissioner, architect Maria Lucia Conti, with her Order No. 2, protocol 147/M of December 7, 2022 (on record in RM with protocol 5538 of December 12, 2022), and confirmed with Order No. 3, protocol 179/M of December 30, 2022.”


of the overall investment for the section from Monte Compatri Pantano to Clodio Mazzini


per kilometer for the entire route (a total of 25.6 kilometers, with 16.5 kilometers underground and 9.1 kilometers above ground)

Ethical Code

Metro C S.C.p.A. adopts the Corporate Ethical Code, which, in line with the company’s shared principles of loyalty and honesty, aims to regulate the company’s activities through behavioral rules, establishing the general principles to which the entire corporate structure must adhere.

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Integrated Management System

Metro C S.C.p.A. adopts an Integrated Management System that combines the management systems for Environment (UNI EN ISO 14001), Safety (45001), and Quality (UNI EN ISO 9001). These systems, regulated and defined by law, have been voluntarily adopted to expand the scope of action, including the interests of stakeholders in reference to the project for the construction of Line C of the Rome Metro (with a focus on the Client, Roma Metropolitane, to which Metro C S.C.p.A. has conformity obligations regarding contractual requirements, as well as the Inspection Committee, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Suppliers, and Contractors, in addition to Metro C personnel and the entire population of Rome).Verification for both triennial recertification and annual maintenance checks is entrusted to an Accredited Body, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), one of the most important certification bodies at the national and European levels.