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WTC2019 Tunnels and Underground Cities: Engineering and Innovation meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art



World Tunnel Congress and ITA – AITES General Assembly – Naples, Italy.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to add this memorable event to your calendar from May 3rd to May 9th 2019!

WTC 2019 will be held in a spectacular venue, the famous “Mostra D’Oltremare”, one of the main conference hubs in Italy.  Its size, architectural features and services  make it a large multi-purpose centre with the ability to host congress rooms and an exhibition in the same area.

Combining a unique location and a great city that is fully representative of the ‘Italian lifestyle’ with archeology, architecture, art, touristic attractions and of course, tunnelling. Not to mention,  important underground works built recently in a unique and complex geology, giving impressive examples of how important and attractive underground works were built.  The Toledo Metro Station on Line 1, received the 2015 ITA award for  “Innovative Use of Underground Space”.  It is a unique example of a decentralized museum, offering dynamic fruition of artists’ creations, with an opportunity for citizens to travel an open artistic route.

SIG expresses its support, enthusiasm and strong willingness to host the WTC 2019 in Naples, as well as, city authorities who will be honoured and will do their utmost best, to ensure  the delegates’ expectations.



The conference will be held in Naples from May 3 to May 9 and it will offer the traditional topics on design and construction of underground works, focusing on tunnellingengineering and innovation.  In addition, to combine some unusual topics suggested by the Neapolitans, which are true Italian trademarks, such as history (Archeology), design (Architecture) and genius & creativity (Art).

The Neapolitan area is the cradle of underground works, that date back to the Roman period, while at the same time, an innovative and future-oriented city. Therefore, WTC delegates will enjoy  visiting the tunnelling history from the Roman period, to the newest award winning metro stationMoreover, thanks to its morphologic structure, its long experience in building tunnels, and underground works dating back to 5,000 years ago, Italy is able to offer a wide variety of examples forming the Triple “A” : Archaeology, Architecture and Art.  Technical visits will include a visit to the longest underground railway in the world:

  • NAPLES:  Borbonic Tunnel, Greek-Roman Aqueduct, the underground ruins of the Roman Theatre
  • ROME: Line C – the ‘Archeological’ Metro
  • BRENNER:  Brenner Base Tunnel


Last but not least, WTC 2019 Naples will be an opportunity to organize special educational sessions.  A number of WTC sessions will be broadcasted to universities and cultural associations, expanding the audience that can benefit from the knowledge shared by international experts.

Even the social program will be an opportunity to experience the archaeological sites of this beautiful setting.

Metro C @ WTC 2019.

7 articles:

  1. Line C in Rome: San Giovanni, the first archaeological station;
  2. The archaeological finding are changing Amba Aradam station design in Rome Metro C line C;
  3. The T3 stretch of Line C in Rome: TBM excavation;
  4. The management of the soil conditioning process for the excavation of the Rome Metro C line;
  5. Line C in Rome: strain measurements in precast TBM lining segments using embedded smart wireless monitoring system;
  6. Embedded barriers as a mitigation measure for tunnelling induced settlements: a field trial for the Line C in Rome;
  7. Ground response to micro-tunnelling plus ground improvement in the historical city centre of Rome.


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