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Section in operation

The section in operation extends from the Monte Compatri/Pantano terminus to the San Giovanni station, stretching for about 19 km, with 22 stations.

On 15 December 2013, Metro C S.c.p.A. handed over to ATAC the Line C segment from Monte Compatri/Pantano to Parco di Centocelle, and on 09 November 2014 the first trains linked the Monte Compatri-Pantano terminus to the Parco di Centocelle station.

On 11 May 2015, the second section was also handed over to ATAC, from the Parco di Centocelle station to the Lodi station, with 5.4 km entirely underground, and 6 new stations, open to the public starting 29 June 2015.

The San Giovanni station, open to the public starting 12 May 2018, plays a strategic role as an essential interchange with Line A.

The station was designed in line with the results of the archaeological investigations. In fact, following the discoveries of ancient structures during the excavations, a specific design to create a museum inside the station was developed at the request of the Archaeological Superintendency.

The Line’s terminus in Pantano is an important road/rail interchange point, thanks to two large car parks – one multi-level and the other at ground level – allowing private vehicles to be parked.

The 10 stations in the surface segment were modernised in accordance with the new Line’s technological and architectural standard, adjusting its functional and systems characteristics.

Along the surface line segment, noise barriers were installed.

Giardinetti is the only completely new surface station, and the last one in the surface segment. From here, the Line goes underground.

From Giardinetti, the section in operation continues in the tunnel, with 10 underground stations: Torre Maura, Torre Spaccata, Alessandrino, Parco di Centocelle, Mirti, Gardenie, Teano, Malatesta, Pigneto, and Lodi (temporary terminus).

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