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Future developments

Fori Imperiali – Clodio/Mazzini section: approximately 4 km with 5 stations: Venezia, Chiesa Nuova, San Pietro, Ottaviano, Clodio/Mazzini

In 2011, Metro C S.c.p.A.’s member companies submitted a Project Finance proposal to Roma Metropolitane for the construction of Line C from Piazza Venezia to Farnesina.

The design showed some changes from the content of the preliminary design, which are upgrades and improvements, with the goal of confirming and exalting the bedrock values underlying Line C’s design:

  • The value in terms of transport: linking the other underground lines in a mesh which will increase the system’s potential;
  • The value in terms of urban planning: finally allowing an extension of the historic centre’s pedestrian zones. Access to the historic centre is in fact guaranteed by three stops – Venezia, Chiesa Nuova, and San Pietro – plus of course the Fori Imperiali station that belongs to Section T3 currently under construction.
  • Capitalising on the city’s historic and archaeological heritage.

Opportunity for extension: approximately 2.5 km with 2 stations: Auditorium, Farnesina

The construction of the “Farnesina-Fori Imperiali” section completes the framework of interconnections with the other Rome underground lines, as provided for in the programming and planning instruments.

In fact, in addition to transfers with Line A (San Giovanni station) and Line B (Colosseo station), it introduces an additional station providing transfer with Line A at Ottaviano, thus reducing journey times and increasing territorial accessibility from and to areas of the city inadequately served by the current rail network.


  • The Venezia station, beneath Piazza Venezia, is strategically located as it stands in the hub linking Rome’s Baroque centre to the archaeological area of Via dei Fori Imperiali. One of the two exits is planned in front of Palazzo Venezia, near Via del Plebiscito. The second exit is planned at Piazza Madonna di Loreto.
  • The Chiesa Nuova station is located beneath the piazza by the same name, near the Church of Santa Maria in Vallicella and the adjacent Oratorio dei Filippini, a complex of exceptional historic and artistic importance.
  • The San Pietro station is located in the area to the west of Castel Sant’Angelo, near Largo Giovanni XXIII/Piazza Pia and Lungotevere Vaticano.
  • The Ottaviano station provides transfer to Line A; entirely underground, it is located along the axis of Via Barletta, with the construction providing linkage to Line A placed to the side of Viale Giulio Cesare.
  • The Clodio-Mazzini station is located beneath Piazza Bainsizza, along the terminal portion of Via Monte Santo, to optimise the flow of riders in the Prati neighbourhood.
  • The Auditorium station is located in the open spaces surrounding Palazzetto dello Sport, between Via Pietro de Coubertin and Viale Tiziano, currently landscaped and used partially as a car park.
  • The Farnesina Station , located beneath the surface of the “Farnesina” car tow pound, is surrounded by such important structures as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foro Italico monument complex, the Stadium, institutions of public administration, university residences, and so on. Two entrances are planned, placed respectively opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on Via Antonio da San Giuliano, Milvian Bridge side. For the terminal station, an enlargement of the pre-existing parking areas is planned, with two large park-and-ride facilities.

Metro C S.c.p.A.’s member companies