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The driverless system

Line C uses a Fully Automated Driverless system that allows the Underground line to be operated fully automatically, guaranteeing the trains’ operation and their safety in all aspects, with the utmost efficiency.

The Operations Central Building

The Graniti Workshop/Depot, a 220,000 m2 area for stabling, maintaining, and repairing the trains, is home to the Operations Central Building from which the Line C trains are remotely controlled and driven. The Line’s operative and technological heart, it was designed and built based on the highest standards of technology and safety.

Driverless Trains

Each train is 109.4 m in length, has 6 connecting cars, and can carry up to 1,200 people. The cars, completely climate-controlled, have spaces for the disabled and for transporting bicycles. Since they are driverless, there is spacious viewing, front and back.

Top speed is 80 km/h, and service speed is 35 km/h. Maximum transport capacity: 24,000 passengers an hour in each direction.

The trains are equipped with an audio/video passenger information system and video surveillance system, aimed at guaranteeing the highest levels of safety.

Automatic platform screen doors

The station platforms are closed towards passing trains by means of Automatic Platform Screen Doors.

These doors are made with sliding glass dividing screens that open exclusively when the trains stop at the station, in a manner synchronised with the train doors.

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