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romArchitettura 6

The museum installation of the San Giovanni Station of Line C of Rome’s Underground has been honoured with the romArchitettura 6 2017 edition prize.

Promoted by IN/ARCH Lazio, ANCE Roma – ACER and OARPPC, the prize supports overall architectural quality, understood as aesthetics and ethical value, and an outcome of the collaboration of various parties.
The aims may be summed up as valorising the whole supply chain that contributes to the architectural intervention’s success.
The prize thus honours the designers, customers, and the companies that carry out the work.

The specific case saw a number of different parties working together in a constructive collaboration:


Customer/contracting authorityComune di Roma – Roma Metropolitane

Scientific design: Special Superintendecy for the Colosseum and Rome’s central archaeological area: dott.ssa Rossella Rea, with dott.ssa Irene Baroni, dott.ssa Anna De Santis, dott.ssa Francesca Montella, and dott.ssa Simona Morretta. Cooperativa Archeologia: dott.ssa Anna Giulia Fabiani

Museum design and support for interiore design: Metro C S.c.p.A., Metro C S.c.p.A., coordination: Ing. Eliano Romani

DiAP Department of Architecture and Design, Re-lab laboratory of Università di Roma la Sapienza: prof. arch. Andrea Grimaldi, prof. arch. Filippo Lambertucci, with arch. Livio Carriero, arch. Amanzio Farris, arch. Valerio Ottavino, arch. Leo Viola, and arch. Samuel Quagliotto

Works performed by: Metro C S.c.p.A.

Arch. Filippo Lambertucci, Arch. Andrea Grimaldi (DIAP); Ing. Eliano Romani (Metro C scpa); Ing. Pasquale Cialdini (Roma Metropolitane).

Metro C S.c.p.A.’s member companies