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Metro C at World Tunnel Congress Naples, Mostra D’Oltremare 3-9 May 2019

In Naples, international experts in underground construction. An event to discover best practices and innovations

Now online on the event website the scientific programme of the conference Tunnels and Underground Cities: Engineering and Innovation meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art.

Promoted by the Società Italiana Gallerie (SIG) and by the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES), this year the World Tunnel Congress will be held in the city of Naples, which from May 3rd to 9th, in the spaces of the Mostra D’Oltremare, will host the leading experts in the field, university professors and researchers, professionals, engineering firms, major clients and representatives from the most important construction companies in this sector. Over 150 speakers and 2000 participants are expected from every part of the world. This is a scientific event that will review the state of the art and the most recent innovations in the field.

“We are proud that Naples is the third Italian city, following Florence in 1986 and Milan in 2001, to be chosen as the site of the World Tunnelling Conference, comments Andrea Pigorini, the President of SIG.  The proposal to be nominated for the 2019 World Tunnel Congress was particularly original, and successful in attracting the attention of the other national associations. The title of this year’s event, Tunnels and Underground Cities: Engineering and Innovation meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art, focuses on cultural cross-pollination, merging engineering themes with some of the essential elements of Italian culture, such as archaeology, architecture and art. The WTC 2019 is an event that explores growth and change in contemporary cities, illustrating the solutions that underground projects can offer. Professionals and experts will share best practices and the most recent innovations, with the aim of explaining how infrastructure can offer the opportunity to provide greater functionality for spaces while seeking a balance with the environment and harmony with the cultures of the past. We can therefore utilize areas available underground, making them more interesting from an aesthetic point of view and improving their potential for use”.


“The World Tunnel Congress in Naples, comments the President of the WTC 2019 Organizing Committee Renato Casale, will speak to professionals in the field and to a wider public, to shed light, at a time when so much is being said about smart cities, on how to offer a concrete contribution to an idea for a future that is rapidly approaching. Many metropolitan cities are already heading in this direction: Paris, Stockholm, New York, Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney are leading the way. Furthermore, relying on the underground to build cities resilient to climate change is becoming a frequent application around the world”.

The Congress will open officially on Monday May 6th, with the Opening Ceremony, but thematic courses and international teams will already be hard at work from May 3rd to 5th. From May 6th to 8th, a series of lectures, seminars and workshops will focus on the world of design and construction, in relation to works involving tunnels. On the panels, the finest authorities in the world on underground construction: Georgios Anagnostou of ETH University in Zurich; Raffaele Zurlo, Konrad Bergmeister and Mario Virano administrators of the special purpose entities responsible for the construction of the great Alpine railway tunnels in Italy; Håkan Stille from Sweden; Jamal Rostami from Colorado, who will talk about excavating equipment designed to build tunnels on the moon; Markus Thewes from Germany; as well as other renowned designers and planners of the underground, including Elisabeth Reynolds, Elsa Wifstrand, Dominique Perrault, Han Admiraal and Antonia Cornaro, who will participate in the session dedicated to archaeology, architecture and art.

May 9th will be dedicated to the technical field trips, offering the opportunity to visit some of the most important construction sites currently open in Italy. There are four possible destinations: the Metropolitana di Napoli, Lines 1 and 6, the Municipio Station and the Capodichino headquarters; the Naples-Bari high-speed railway line; the Metropolitana di Roma, Line C, from the Fori Imperiali to the San Giovanni Station; the Brenner Base Tunnel, the longest railway tunnel in the world.

Cantiere Stazione Fori Imperiali

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