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The Fori Imperiali station is located below the street of the same name in the area between the Colosseum and the area in front of the Basilica di Massenzio.  It is a unique and complex work, both for the position in which it is located, involving an archaeological and monumental area declared among the most famous in the world by UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for the characteristics inherent in the construction such as the connection of the atrium of Line C with the atrium of the existing Line B Colosseo station.

The body of the station, inserted in a structure excavated between diaphragms (supporting walls), has a variable plan width between 30 and 50 metres and a total length of about 240 metres.  The structure reaches a depth of 32 metres from street level and is divided into five levels: the atrium floor, of over 6,100 square metres which also allows the connection with the platforms of Line B by means of a mezzanine level, two floors dedicated to technical rooms of about 3,900 square metres  each, a platform floor and an under-platform floor.

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