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Metro C is proud to take part in a school/work alternation project. 

Alternation is one of the most significant innovations introduced by Law no. 107 of 2015 (“La Buona Scuola”), in line with the open school principle.

Since the 2015-2016 school year, alternation has been obligatory for third-year secondary school students, and starting 2016-2017 for both third- and fourth-year students. When fully operational, all the students in the final three years of secondary school – about one and a half million youths – will be involved.

School/work alternation is a valuable system that in addition to linking schools with the working world, tangibly helps students make the most of their own personal talents, conferring skills that can be used in the workplace and making the school system more open and flexible.
The path is organised in “teaching-training” modules done in the classroom or at the company, and in practical learning modules within a work setting.

In addition to the students, there are two figures involved in the project:

  • the ecompany tutor which is to say the person at the company who cooperates and
    coordinates with the school to carry out the students’ training path.
  • the school tutor which is to say person tasked with following the alternation activity.

Promoted by Metro C S.c.p.A. under an agreement with the public secondary school “LEON BATTISTA ALBERTI”, the “Un Geometra in Metro” (“a surveyor on the underground”) project is a unique training experience for students, providing tangible support in orientation towards their chosen futures.

Every week, from 27 February through 24 March, a new group of students 17 and 18 years of age will take part in the training path at the main office of the Metro C company, and at the work sites where the Rome Underground’s new Line C is being built.


The many planned activities all aim to promote the students’ awareness of what they know, and of what they know how to do. They will visit the works in progress, and will be guided in teaching activities in the classroom and in the lab. They will focus on a variety of areas: design, safety, the environment, quality control, structural and geotechnical monitoring, topography, material checks, bookkeeping, etc.


The goal is for the young men and women to be able, by the end of the project, to acquire skills in various fields in our sector: work site organisation and operation; knowing how to recognise the various roles, phases, and processes for carrying out a project; knowing how to interpret a design; entering the works into the books; having broad knowledge of the necessary equipment and proper behaviour in the matter of health and safety, etc.

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