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Sub Section San Giovanni: Shaft 3.3: Delivered to ATAC on 18 June 2021

On the 18th of June 2021, the delivery report was signed and the work was transferred, through Roma Capitale, to ATAC (the line’s operator) for the start of the pre-operational exercises for which it is responsible. The handover of the Multifunctional Shaft 3.3 follows the pre-operation activities carried out by Metro C ScpA from 29th of April to the 5th of May 2021, where the equipment was tested and all the necessary authorisations were obtained from the appropriate bodies. The Multifunctional Shaft 3.3 is located between the Amba Aradam/Ipponio and San Giovanni stations, in a garden area adjacent to the historic local market in Via Sannio.

The overall planimetric dimensions are 64.40×25.65m, The Platforms level varies between +8.940m and +9.120m above sea level inside the shaft. The structure is composed of 3 horizzontal levels:

  •  Technical Floor at +25.47m above sea level (finished)
  •  Intermediate Floor at +16.54m above sea level (finished). This floor has the sole structural function of bracing the retaining structures of the shaft.
  •  Platform Floor at variable levels depending on the Platforms level between +10.007m on the Amba Aradam side and +10.127m on the San Giovanni side.

The activation of Shaft 3.3 makes it possible to achieve the optimal configuration of the San Giovanni terminus, where thanks to the addition of 4 new rail switches the trains of Metro C in operation will be able to switch from one track to the other quickly and efficiently, simplifying and speeding up the so-called “terminus turnaround” of the trains. Currently, the train arriving at the terminus disembarks and picks up its passengers on the same platform and then “turns around” to go in the direction of Pantano. The presence of the cross-over, on the other hand, will allow the arriving train to disembark all passengers on the platform, and using the new switches will be able to arrive at the opposite platform of San Giovanni for the boarding of the other passengers going in the Pantano direction. In order to efficiently manage these switches, there is a specific electrical equipment inside the shaft located in a room called SER (Signalling Equipment Room). This equipment is interconnected with the rest of the line and is managed by the Central Operational Post for the entire Line C located in the Granite depot.

The presence of the new switches also increases the potential of the line, which depending on the number of trains and the operating model used by the operator ATAC, can guarantee a 4-minute schedule.

Multifunctional Shaft 3.3 rail exchanges

Multifunctional Shaft 3.3 rail exchanges.

Shaft 3.3 represents the end of the fourth functional phase of the entire Monte Compatri Pantano-San Giovanni line (Shaft 3.3) and is the first shaft constructed in the T3 San Giovanni-Fori Imperiali section of Line C. Its structure integrates with the landscaping of the garden, in harmony with the surrounding context. Thanks to

the coordination with the Superintendency, the architecture of the gardens and the entrance to the Multifunctional Shaft integrates with the existence of the Aurelian Walls, combining a modern layout with the re-evaluation of the finds recovered during the excavations.

The gardens of Via Sannio

The gardens of Via Sannio

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