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Metro C becomes a Cardio-Protected Company

Since July 2018 the construction sites of the Rome Metro C line have become Cardio-Protected thanks to the installation of 5 automated defibrillators (AED) and the training of 18 employees in BLS-D (Basic Life Support-Defibrillation).

The choice to install the defibrillators, despite cardio-protection by companies not being an obligation of current legislation regarding safety, represents a further step of Metro C towards a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, and shows more and more care towards health at work and the safety of their workers, with particular attention to the local community.

In addition to the installation of defibrillators for employees and the companies in charge of the construction of the C line, Metro C has also arranged the sharing of the installed equipment adhering to the Semi-automated Defibrillators Registry of the Lazio Region, so as to make them available to the ARES 118 operators or to people in possession of the BLS-D certificate, if the need arises during the working hours of the construction site.  This choice was made above all by the wish to fulfil a need for security in various situations and places, such as at the Fori Imperiali where thousands of citizens and tourists pass through every day, making the central areas of the city safer where factors such as stress and exposure to high temperatures can increase the risk of cardiac arrest.

The presence of defibrillators will be clearly indicated on both appropriate information boards and through the Semi-automated Defibrillators Registry of the Lazio Region.

The American Heart Association, one of the most important cardiological associations in the world, was chosen for the training, which organises lay BLS-D operators throughout the country using a network of trained and certified instructors.

After the course and following the passing of practical tests, a qualification card of national and international validity is issued.  Through the title obtained the person is recognized by 118 as qualified to use the defibrillator in an outside hospital setting.

Why does one need the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)?

Because “after 10 minutes brain damage is irreversible”

“Each minute that passes from the beginning of the cardiac arrest reduces by about 10% the probability of recovery from electrical discharge in the heart and after ten minutes the damages suffered in the brain become irreversible” explains Dott. Corrado Costanzo, Metro C’s medical consultant in hyperbarism  and the BLS-D instructor of the American Heart Association,  (accredited by Acaya Consulting S.r.l), and who has been spreading the knowledge of first aid in the workplace for years.

The promptness and effectiveness of first aid is therefore essential to make the difference between life and death.

These are the main steps that Metro C has followed:

Installation of adequately indicated AED semi-automated defibrillators.

Training courses in BLS-D (Basic Life Support-Defibrillation).

-Dissemination of first aid knowledge in emergency situations.

-Continuous maintenance of the apparatus to keep the defibrillator in perfect working order over time through an adequate “AED service and maintenance programme”.

Providing defibrillators means taking care of the health and safety of all concerned, of safeguarding the people who work within the construction sites, the citizens and tourists in the areas concerned, and presenting them with an opportunity for survival in case of cardiac arrest.

The presence in the construction sites of an easily accessible semi-automated AED defibrillator, positioned like a common fire extinguisher, provides assistance to somebody struck by sudden cardiac arrest, increasing the chances of survival from less than 5% to more than 50%.

AED defibrillators, registered and recorded in the Semi-automated Defibrillators Registry of the Lazio Region, are installed inside all the construction sites of the T3 section of the Line C and at the Base Camp in Via dei Gordiani, and are available during the opening hours of the working construction sites, namely:

Shaft 3.3 – Via Sannio 24 hours

Stazione Amba Aradam/Ipponio -Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 17.00

Shaft 3.2 Celimontana – 24 hours

Stazione Fori Imperiali – Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 17.00

Base Camp – Via dei Gordiani 24 hours




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