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Children AT the work site: METRO C opens its doors to its youngest guests for an unforgettable tour

Not your average class trip: for one day, the students in class 2^D at Rome’s Jean Piaget elementary school had the opportunity to visit a work site under construction, and a virtually completed station on Rome’s Line C. In fact, on 25 may 2017, Metro C S.c.p.A. opened the doors to the San Giovanni Station and the Shaft 3.3 work site on Via Sannio, allowing visitors to tour those places where the workers, the engineers, and the various parties in charge of construction spend most of their working days.

The day began with a brief trip on the underground, on the stretch of Line C already open to the public: the second-graders were thus able to enjoy the spectacle of the tunnels the train passes through – a view provided courtesy of the front car’s windows made possible thanks to the absence of an onboard driver.

The first part of the visit was a tour among the display cases at the San Giovanni Station, where the finds unearthed during the excavations to build the stations may be seen.

A screening of the video/cartoon entitled La Talpa Salvatraffico (“a mole that can alleviate traffic”) fascinated the youngsters, allowing them to have fun while learning about the underground’s construction.

The second part of the visit brought a truly unique experience: touring a genuine work site, amid machinery, equipment, and workers on the job. They were in fact accompanied to a special work site – the one from which the mechanical moles that will dig the tunnels towards Rome’s historic centre are about to depart. Here, they saw real “mechanical moles” after having seen them in animated form in the cartoon.


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