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Preventive archaeological surveys

Interferences with archaeological strata involve chiefly the construction of stations and of ventilation shafts, since the tunnels extend to depths varying from 27 to 55 m, and thus always beneath the archaeological depth which averages about 10-12 m beneath road level.

Phase One Surveys

Starting in 2006, to supplement the survey campaign conducted by the Municipality of Rome for drawing up the preliminary design, phase one preventive archaeological surveys were performed for Sections T2, T3, T6, and T7.

For the area of the Historic Centre – Sections T2 and T3 – preventive surveys were carried out, defined as Phase One surveys, with work sites opened in 22 archaeological sites.

  1. TBM entrance shaft, Via Sannio – Porta Asinara
  2. Site no. S01 Viale Giuseppe Mazzini
  3. Site no. S02 Viale Angelico – Viale delle Milizie
  4. Site no. S03 Via Barletta
  5. Site no. S04 Piazza Pasquale Paoli
  6. Site no. S05 Piazza della Chiesa Nuova
  7. Site no. S07 Piazza Sant’Andrea della Valle
  8. Site no. S08 Piazza Venezia
  9. Site no. S9 Via Cesare Battisti
  10. Site no. S9 bis Largo Santi Apostoli
  11. Site no. S10 Via dei Fori Imperiali
  12. Site no. S11 Via dell’Amba Aradam – via di Villa Fonseca
  13. Site no. S12 Largo Amba Aradam – Via Ipponio
  14. Site no. S13 Piazzale Ipponio
  15. Site no. S14 Piazza Madonna di Loreto
  16. Site no. S15 Via dei Fori Imperiali
  17. Site no. S16 Piazza del Colosseo
  18. Site no. S16 bis Largo Agnesi
  19. Site no. S17 Piazza Celimontana
  20. Site no. S21 Via Sforza Cesarini
  21. Site no. S22 Via Sora
  22. Site no. S25 Piazza Risorgimento
  23. 22 core samples at largo Giovanni XXIII

For section T6, preventive surveys were performed with work sites opened in 3 archaeological sites:

  1. Giardinetti archaeological site
  2. Torre Spaccata station – Casilina/Tor Tre Teste archaeological site
  3. Giglioli station – Casilina/Tobagi archaeological site.

Phase Two Surveys

For the first Montecompatri/Pantano – San Giovanni Functional Section, during the building of the underground constructions, the so-called “phase two” surveys were completed, consisting of the complete excavation of the volume of earth of archaeological interest during the performance of the works.

These surveys brought to light a considerable quantity of finds at the 29 surveyed archaeological sites.

The activity that was carried out, based on excavations of dimensions suited to the works to be performed and not on core sampling in points, made it possible on the one hand to update all the historical mapping, and on the other to define design solutions that were absolutely compatible with the archaeological substratum, as confirmed by all the Superintendencies.

  1. Site of Pantano multi-level car park
  2. Graniti Depot
  3. Via Camocelli
  4. Torraccio di Torrenova
  5. Torrenova – via Laerte
  6. Giardinetti Station
  7. Giardinetti TBM Shaft
  8. Shaft 6.3
  9. Torre Maura Station
  10. Shaft 6.2
  11. Torre Spaccata Station
  12. Shaft 5.6
  13. Alessandrino station, Shaft 5.3
  14. Parco di Centocelle station
  15. Shaft 5.4
  16. Mirti station
  17. Shaft 5.3
  18. Gardenie station
  19. Shaft 5.2
  20. Teano station
  21. Teano sports fields
  22. Malatesta TBM Shaft
  23. Malatesta station
  24. Shaft 4.3
  25. Pigneto Station
  26. Shaft 4.2
  27. Lodi Station
  28. Shaft 4.1
  29. San Giovanni Station

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