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Archaeological excavations

This phase calls for the complete excavation of the volume of earth of archaeological interest during the performance of the works.

The archaeological excavations involved Sections T4, T5, T6A, and T7, and are currently in progress on Section T3.


  1. Multi-level car park area of the Monte Compatri/Pantano station: at this site, the archaeological excavations that were done brought to light prehistoric ritual ditches and tombs and an Aeneolithic necropolis.
  2. Graniti Depot Areathe excavations brought to light a complex system of archaeological finds:
    • An ancient road route
    • An extensive system of agricultural works, consisting of channels, cultivation ditches, and drainage
    • A series of installations connected with the extraction of construction material
    • Limestone formation
    • A series of inspection shafts and underground adits. 

The finds may be dated to from the fourth century BC to the fifth century AD.

  1. Torrenova station area
  2. Giardinetti station area
  3. Shaft 6.2
  4. Torre Spaccata station area: some masonry structures from an Ancient Roman villa were found
  5. Shaft 5.5
  6. Parco di Centocelle station area:
  7. the surveys that were done made it possible to identify 2 funerary settings, one of which recognisable as a columbarium, a sort of sepulchral chamber consisting of niches that held the urns containing the ashes of the deceased. All the structures show curtain walls in opus reticulatum; inside, the walls’ environments must have been colourfully plastered, as may be seen from the numerous fragments that were found. The urns, placed inside the niches, in some cases contained only funerary goods, and in other cases, remains of bone as well. The remains of an ancient roadway were also found.
  8. Shaft 5.4: a construction from the ancient Aqua Alexandrina was found
  9.  Teano Teano station area  and compensatory works area, Via Norma: an area of approximately 10,000 m2 was surveyed, and Roman-era cultivation ditches and channels were discovered
  10. Shaft 5.2
  11. Malatesta TBM Shaftthe archaeological excavations involved an area of approximately 15,000 m2 and brought to light the remains of a series of hydraulic works and of an ancient, Roman-era furnace
  12. Pigneto station area: the first preliminary surveys had underscored the presence, throughout the area affected by the building of the station, of an ancient tuff and pozzolan quarry, later used as a dump, with an enormous quantity of ancient material, datable to between the first and third centuries AD. Then excavations involved an area of approximately 3,800 m2, for a depth of about 8 m, and brought to light approximately 20,000 diagnostic finds and about 2,000 that may subjected to exploitation
  13. Via Casilina Vecchia, Shaft 4.2: segment of ancient Via Labicana at the Via Casilina Vecchia
  14. Lodi station area: adits and cavities connected with extraction activities, cement-work cistern from the Imperial Age
  15. San Giovanni station area: in this area, the most important find was that regarding the largest Imperial-Age reservoir. No other basin found in the Roman countryside has comparable dimensions. The basin, lined with waterproof earthenware, could hold more than 4 million litres of water. In the first century, it became part of the water lifting and distribution structures of a farm installation active from the third century BC. The basin measured approximately 35 by 70 meters
  16. Shaft 3.3 via Sannio
  17. Amba Aradam station area: at this site, major archaeological discoveries were made. An ancient Roman barracks dating to the second century AD, featuring more than thirty rooms articulated along a corridor and decorated with wall frescoes and mosaic floors, was discovered at a depth of approximately nine metres.
  18. Shaft 3.2 piazza Celimontana: at a depth of 16 metres below the current level, a Republican-Age aqueduct in blocks of squared tuff, linked to a large basin, emerged.


  1. Terminal shaft, Section T6a-T7, Via Laerte
  2. Torre Maura station area
  3. Shaft 5.6
  4. Alessandrino station area
  5. Mirti station area
  6. Shaft 5.3
  7. Gardenie station area


  1. Amba Aradam station area
  2. Fori Imperiali station

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