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Section under construction

Currently being completed, the San Giovanni station plays a strategic role as an essential interchange with Line A.

The station was designed in line with the results of the archaeological investigations. In fact, following the discoveries of ancient structures during the excavations, a specific design to create a museum inside the station was developed at the request of the Archaeological Superintendency.

The next step will be the handing over to ATAC of the San Giovanni station, where interchange with Line A will take place.

Section T3, from San Giovanni (not inclusive) to Fori Imperiali, is in progress; works began on 21 March 2013.

The section extends for 3.6 km, with 2 stations (Amba Aradam/Ipponio and Fori Imperiali) and 2 ventilation shafts (Via Sannio e Piazza Celimontana).

The Amba Aradam station is located in an intermediate position between the San Giovanni station and the Fori Imperiali station. Important ancient structures were discovered at this site, and in particular an Ancient Roman barracks with more than thirty rooms decorated with wall frescoes and mosaic flooring. This will be the object of a specific design for arrangement within the future station.

The Fori Imperiali station extends underneath the street by the same name, between the Colosseum and the area in front of the Basilica of Maxentius. It plays a strategic role, also because it is located in one of the world’s most-visited monumental areas, and as an essential point of interchange with Line B.

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